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 Zebrahead {discografia)

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MensajeTema: Zebrahead {discografia)   Dom Jul 05, 2009 8:25 pm

Zebrahead is an Orange County, California-based rap/punk band which was formed in La Habra, California.

El grupo lo formaron en 1996, Justin Mauriello (voz/guitarra), el
rapero Ali Tabatabaee, el guitarista Greg Bergdorf, el bajo Ben
Osmundson, y en la bateria Ed Udhus. Se conocieron y experimentaron con
diferentes sonidos formando el grupo Zebrahead.

Su musica es una mezcla de pop punk, punk rock y rap, lo que la hace distinta de las demás bandas.

Generos: Funk metal (early years), Punk rock, Pop punk, Rapcore

Trayectoria: 1996 – present


One more hit (First Demo Tape) (1996)

1. One more hit

2. Check

3. Hate

Yellow (1998)

1. Check

2. All I Need

3. Swing

4. Walk Away

5. Bootylicious Vinyl

6. Hate

7. Mindtrip

8. Chrome

9. Jag Off

10. Song 10

Waste of mind (1998)

1. Check

2. Get Back

3. The Real Me

4. Someday

5. Waste of Mind

6. Feel This Way

7. Walk Away

8. Big Shot

9. Swing

10. Jag Off

11. Time

12. Move On

13. Fly Daze

14. Bootylicious Vinyl

Playmate of the year (2000)

1. I Am

2. Playmate Of The Year

3. Now Or Never

4. Wasted

5. I'm Money

6. Go

7. What's Goin' On?

8. Subtract You

9. The Hell That Is My Life

10. E Generation

11. Livin' Libido Loco

12. In My Room

MFZB (2003)

1. Rescue Me

2. Over The Edge

3. Strength

4. Hello Tomorrow

5. The Set-Up

6. Blur

7. House Is Not My Home

8. Into You

9. Alone

10. Expectations

11. Falling Apart

12. Let It Ride

13. Type A

14. Runaway

15. Dear You (Far Away)

16. The Fear(Hidden track; plays at 4:38 within track 15)

Waste of MFZB (2004)

1. Are You For Real?

2. Let Me Go

3. One Less Headache

4. Burn The School Down

5. Lightning Rod

6. Blindside

7. Veils And Visions

8. One Shot

9. Timing Is Everything

10. Wannabe (Spice Girls Cover)

Broadcast to the World (2006)

1. Broadcast to the World

2. Rated "U" for Ugly

3. Anthem

4. Enemy

5. Back to Normal

6. Postcards from Hell

7. Karma Flavored Whisky

8. Here's to You

9. Wake Me Up

10. Lobotomy for Dummies

11. The Walking Dead

12. Your New Boyfriend Wears Girl Pants

13. Riot Girl

14. Down in Flames

Mashup To The World (2008)

1. Do The Anthem Well (Vs. Jennifer Lopez)

2. Karma Flavored Scream (Vs. Michael & Janet Jackson)

3. Back To Dancefloor Anthem (Vs. Good Charlotte)

4. GAME From Hell (Vs. Ayumi Hamasaki)

5. Crushed Into You (Vs. Paramore)

6. Sick Broadcast (Vs. Flyleaf)

Zebrahead - Phoenix (2008)

01. HMP

02. Hell Yeah!

03. Just The Tip

04. Mental Health

05. The Juggernauts

06. Death By Disco

07. Be Careful What You Wish For

08. Morse Code For Suckers

09. Ignite

10. Mike Dexter Is A God, Mike Dexter Is A Role Model, Mike Dexter Is An Asshole

11. Brixton

12. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right But Three Rights Make A Left

13. All For None And None For All

14. Hit The Ground

15. The Junkie And The Halo

16. Sorry, But Your Friends Are Hot


Get Back

Playmate of the year

Into you

Rescue me

Hello Tomorrow

Are You For Real?


Postcards From Hell

Broadcast to the world

Karma Flavored Whisky

Back to normal

Increible banda, la empece a escuchar hace poco, es muy rara porque mezcla punk-rock con hip-hop y tiene canciones tranka y tiene canciones heavys, es una banda muy completa todas sus canciones son muy distintas unas de otras


"El corazon was poisoned tonight"
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MensajeTema: Re: Zebrahead {discografia)   Lun Jul 06, 2009 12:21 am

no la conocia, pero voy a ver que onda.
+1 por la info Smile


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Zebrahead {discografia)
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